Welcome to Daddy Daughter Time. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to deepening the relationship between fathers and daughters.

Our wish is that every child would have two active and involved parents to help guide them in life. So, it’s not a surprise when we get asked this question from time to time: “Why Dads and daughters?

Recent scientific research has proven that the time fathers and daughters spend together is extremely beneficial. Teen pregnancy rates, suicide, and drug use is reduced while positive body image, test scores, and graduation rates go up when a father is actively involved in his daughter’s life. These are just a few of the reasons we do what we do.

Our goal: To encourage fathers to intentionally be more active in their children’s lives. We make spending time together fun and easy.

You don’t have to be a member to attend our events. Anyone can purchase a ticket. But members get a pretty sweet deal – 12 months of events for one price. That’s an entire year of events like snow tubing, horseback riding, a Spring dance, live theater, and more all for around $8 a month.

Another reason we focus on fathers and daughters is the fact that fathers might find raising sons easier than daughters. Raising young women comes with a unique set of challenges. Daddy Daughter Time events not only provides a way for a bond to be built between a father and his daughter, it also offers a network for the Dads as we take away the stigma of men connecting through their child instead of sports or their jobs.

Studies have also shown that the role of fatherhood has changed. Fathers today are more much more active and involved parents yet are still under served by media and underrepresented in court. Today’s father wants more than to just play the “policeman with a paycheck” role in the home. But they face many struggles balancing family and work while wanting to play an equally active part in nurturing their children.

Daddy Daughter Time’s goal is to help Dads strengthen and deepen a relationship with their daughters while also encouraging them to network and help each other parent with purpose.

Again, anyone with a daughter (or a Dad!) can come to our events. But members not only receive a great deal, they also receive monthly activities they can do together at home, feature articles, blogs, “dadvice,” and more.

Pleaes check out our EVENTS page for upcoming outings or our GALLERIES page to see what we’ve been up to. Want to support us but don’t want to become a member? DONATE today! Every little bit helps and we can’t do it without you (plus your donation is tax deductible).

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