DADUP Podcast: Episode 03- The President (Not That One)

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While, as a nation, we are behind the times when it comes to paid parental leave, there is a company in West Michigan that gets it. Fifth Third Bank offers an incredible parental leave policy that has many wondering why others aren’t doing the same. On this podcast, we speak with Fifth Third Bank’s Regional President Tom Welch who knows a thing or two about having kids… Read More

DADUP Podcast: Episode 01- The Potty

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The first episode of the DADUP podcast starts in the toilet. Well, technically that’s where we want it to end up. Join hosts Todd, Jimmy, and Jason as they dive right into the world of potty training. Believe it or not, there are professionals that can help you if you’re running into some resistance when it comes to the porcelain throne. We talked to Allison Jandu, a potty training consultant who really knows her… Read More

Risky Business: Letting Your Kids Really Play

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Full disclosure: I write this as my nearly three year old daughter is upstairs, on the couch, watching Frozen for the millionth time because she can’t go outside and play. She’s got a broken leg (and a sweet purple, sparkly cast).

So she’s been getting some extra screen time lately. 

This is the first time my wife and I have dealt with a child with a broken bone and it comes with some interesting revelations. 

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Bark: A “Guard Dog” Helping Parents Keep Kids Safe

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There are two words that can strike fear into any parent regardless of who they are or where they live. 

The Internet. 

Sure, it’s a great resource, but with access comes all of the hazards. Cyberbullying. Sexual Predators. Adult Content. Online Dares. If the thought of protecting your daughters from all of those dangers and the many others that are out there, it wouldn’t hurt to look for some help. Bark may be the answer for you. 

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REVIEW: Michigan AR Scavenger Hunt

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Chances are your kids love screen time. But as a Dad, you know you want them to get up and be active. Why not combine the two with an augmented reality scavenger hunt?

There’s a company called Michigan [AR] Scavenger Hunt and they promise a truly unique and immersive outdoor experience. The scavenger hunt combines the latest augmented reality and geo-location technologies to create an adventure exploring the most interesting areas in West Michigan.

Sounds great, right? So I took my daughter Grace and her bestie Brielle to try it out and here’s what we discovered. 

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The Two Foot Putt America Can’t Seem to Sink

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If you know nothing else about us here at Daddy Daughter Time, there’s one thing you should learn. We value time. Spending quality time with our daughters is the basis of our entire organization. So when should that time start?

Should it be when she’s old enough to not be breastfed anymore? Do we wait until she’s developed a limited but understandable vocabulary? Or maybe we should wait until she’s old enough to understand the concept of a father versus a mother? Read More

Forget Minecraft. It’s Ourcraft

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There’s no use denying it. Your kids’ childhood is going to be much more digital and connected than the one you may have had. And while, with reasonable caution, many in my generation hesitate and try to deny their children screen time, there is a voice that offers a counterpoint to the nervous parents bemoaning the glow of the screen they see daily in their youngsters faces… Read More