Call Me Daddy?

By May 4, 2018Uncategorized

I don’t want to presume to know what your relationship with your daughter’s mother is… but in my house, if I were to ask my wife to “call me Daddy,” I’d be on the receiving end of some serious side-eye, a cringe, and a raised eyebrow (if not just outright laughter.)

And yet, those words came out of my mouth the other day.

Stick with me. I had a pretty good reason. 

Our youngest’s vocabulary is starting to grow rapidly as she approaches her second birthday. With that comes a lot of cute moments when she spots a color or object she knows how to say. She just loves to tell you all about it. It’s fun to ask her to say words just to see how she’ll pronounce them if she can.

One word she loves to say is “Mommy.” A lot. Over and over. It kind of drives my wife batty at times. She also calls me “Daddy” or “Dada.”

But lately she’s been mimicking my wife who does have a habit of shouting my name from another room in the house. So when toddler Daphne decided to get my attention the other day, she started saying “Todd! Todd! Todd!”

Not cool.

So, without thinking about how it might sound, I asked my wife if she would “Call me Daddy” in hopes that Daphne would follow suit.

See? Totally solid logic. It may be the one time a husband, at least this one, could get away with that request without feeling like a total creep.

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