Daddy Daughter Time: Candle Making

Looking for something different to do with your daughter(s)? You might want to give candlemaking a try. Before you Google “how to get soy wax out of dog fur or carpeting,” take a breath. There’s a new place you can go to in Grand Rapids called Wax Poetic Candle Bar that does the heavy lifting for you.

I recently took my 7-year-old daughter there and she had a blast. The process is simple…but don’t go if you have a stuffy nose. You’re going to need all of the olfactory tools your schnoz has to offer at the ready. 

When you first walk in you’ll be handed a clipboard that walks you through the steps.

  1. Start sniffing. They have walls and walls of pre-made candles, each with its own scent. Everything from bubble gum to pomegranate to ginger ale to cannabis?! They’ve got them all and more. Just jot down your favorites on your clipboard.
  2. Decide which container you’d like – size, shapes, and materials from tin to glass. There are plenty to choose from.
  3. Grab a spot at the bar and one of their staff will take your notes and walk you through which of the scents you’d like to use. They nose their stuff. (See what I did there?)
  4. Pour your shots of smelly goodness into a jigger. Here’s where you can do your own concoction. If you want your Coconut Raspberry candle to be more nutty than berry…you can adjust the amount of liquid of each that you use.
  5. Once your jigger is full, they’ll bring you your container of choice filled with melted soy wax. All you need to do is stir in the scented oils.
  6. While your candle is cooling and firming up, you can use their rainbow selection of fine point Sharpie markers to make your own label for the bottom of the candle. Once finished, you can take a walk around Eastown while your candle sets (usually less than 2 hours). Then return to pick it up.

My daughter’s room now smells like Hot Cocoa and Sugar Cookies…and that was before we lit the candle. The pricing is higher than you would normally pay for a candle ($18-$28). But it’s a completely customizable and personal scent and there’s no mess at your house which makes it worth the bucks for a special occasion or fun time out. Here’s their address: 1423 Lake Dr SE, Grand Rapids and website.

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