images (2)I can admit it.

I’m not as cool as you.

Every time I have previously felt the urge to get a tattoo I couldn’t pull the trigger (or needle) for one reason or another.

Most times I just couldn’t think of anything worth zapping into my skin for the rest of my days. Sometimes it came down to not being able to decide where on my body to get one.  Other times it was purely to respect the wishes of my mom who is vehemently against them or I would tell myself that the “age window” for me to get one had passed.

Then I had a daughter.

If there was one thing in the world that would be worth forever branding onto my skin it would be to proclaim my love for her.

I enjoy seeing other Dads’ tattoos that pay homage to their girls. Some tattoo artwork their kids have brought
home from school or the actual footprints from their daughter’s birth certificates..

So I spent even more time thinking about it. Would I get her initials or her name? Where on my body would I get it? I came really close a couple of times.

But it looks like getting inked just isn’t in the cards for me. I guess it’s just a personal choice of style but I won’t be getting any external tattoos.

I use the word external intentionally because from the first moment I saw Grace I was internally branded. It wasn’t on my bicep or back but in my heart. Being the geek I am, I envision it went something like this clip from the TV show “Supernatural”

Some bizarre whatever-happens-to-a-caterpillar-inside-its-cocoon experience changed who I am as a person on a very base level. My “coronary ink” doesn’t stay stationary but flows through my veins with every beat of my heart.  I’ve got more than just skin in this game.

That’s about as permanent as it gets.


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