D.A.D.U.P. Dependable – 01.12.19

By January 12, 2019DADUP

It’s a slippery slope. You break that one promise and say you’ll make it up to her, then another. Pretty soon that snowballs into her not being able to DEPEND on you.

She may be adrift and needs to turn to you for shelter and guidance. Being DEPENDABLE is simple. When you say you’re going to be there, be there. When you say you’ll do something, do it. Dad Up and show her she can count on you. When she’s older and an avalanche of issues comes crashing down, she’ll know she can turn to you.

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(At each of our Daddy Daughter Time events, we hand out D.A.D.U.P. cards to all of the Dads. It’s a way to help remind them to remain intentional in their daughters’ lives. There are five main components of the program: Dependable. Approachable. Devoted. Understanding. Patient. After each event, we post the message that was handed out here on our blog.)

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