D.A.D.U.P. – Approachable 8.26.18

By August 26, 2018DADUP

Most young girls approach a horse with a little bit of fear. And with good reason – They’re bigger, stronger, and don’t always clearly express whether they are in a good mood or not. This may sound familiar… because it can describe you as well.

Being approachable isn’t automatic. But it’s vital if you want to build trust and communication with your daughter. She needs to know, without a doubt, that she can approach you with any issues she may be dealing with. If she doesn’t do that at age 4, she more than likely won’t at age 14.

Get down to her level. Sit with her. Listen.  Nibble sugar cubes from her hand. Ok, maybe not the last one (Unless you’re playing “horsey” and you’ve got a sweet tooth). Approachability is the goal.   #dadup

(At each of our Daddy Daughter Time events, we hand out D.A.D.U.P. cards to all of the Dads. It’s a way to help remind them to remain intentional in their daughters’ lives. There are five main components of the program: Dependability. Approachability. Devotion. Understanding. Patience. After each event, we post the message that was handed out here on our blog.)

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