D.A.D.U.P. – Devoted 11.18.18

By November 20, 2018DADUP

Successful artists don’t frame things around “not enough.” There is NEVER not enough time, money, confidence, or whatever it is at that moment to do what they need to be successful. It’s called devotion.

The portrait of a successful Dad is the same. If you’re not prioritizing time with your daughter, you should be. Remaining devoted to being a constant and reliable presence in her life is a key factor of fatherhood. Brush up on your skills and #DADUP

(At each of our Daddy Daughter Time events, we hand out D.A.D.U.P. cards to all of the Dads. It’s a way to help remind them to remain intentional in their daughters’ lives. There are five main components of the program: Dependable. Approachable. Devoted. Understanding. Patient. After each event, we post the message that was handed out here on our blog.)

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