DADUP Podcast: Episode 03- The President (Not That One)

By February 29, 2020DADUP, Podcast

While, as a nation, we are behind the times when it comes to paid parental leave, there is a company in West Michigan that gets it. Fifth Third Bank offers an incredible parental leave policy that has many wondering why others aren’t doing the same. On this podcast, we speak with Fifth Third Bank’s Regional President Tom Welch who knows a thing or two about having kids…

…mainly because he has ten of them. No that’s not a typo. Tom opens up about what it was like twenty years ago, when he was a first time father, to just a few years ago when #10 entered the world. Listen to what his company is offering their employees and why this should be the standard across the nation.

Plus, as always, we share our parenting highlights and lowlights from the past couple of weeks, drop some knowledge in our “Dadvice” segment, and give you a DADUP challenge. Oh, and Jimmy drops a DadJoke for you to annoy your kids with. You’re welcome 😉

You can listen to the cast in the player below or find us wherever you normally do your ‘casting.

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