DADUP Podcast: Episode 01- The Potty

By February 1, 2020DADUP, Podcast, Toilet Training

The first episode of the DADUP podcast starts in the toilet. Well, technically that’s where we want it to end up. Join hosts Todd, Jimmy, and Jason as they dive right into the world of potty training. Believe it or not, there are professionals that can help you if you’re running into some resistance when it comes to the porcelain throne. We talked to Allison Jandu, a potty training consultant who really knows her…

stuff. It’s a family show.

The first episode starts with introductions of the hosts. We share our parenting highlights and lowlights from the past couple of weeks, talk to Allison, drop some knowledge in our “What the Heck is That?” segment, and give you a DADUP challenge. Oh, and Jason drops a DadJoke for you to annoy your kids with. You’re welcome 😉

You can listen to the cast in the player below or find us wherever you normally do your ‘casting.

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