DADUP Podcast: Episode 06 – Girls Wrestling and How to Talk to Kids About Online Porn

By October 15, 2020DADUP, Podcast

In this episode our Father Feature highlights Ken Cocoran. He’s a dad of two daughters and his mission is to get youth girls wrestling sanctioned as a sport in schools across the nation. Plus, kids tend to get two main “talks” when it comes to sex. John Van Arnam things there should be a “Third Talk”….

That’s what he named his organization. The Third Talk offers a free video series to help parents speak to their kids about online pornography and their sexualy health. As always, we also share our parenting highlights and lowlights and give you another Dad Joke for you to annoy your kids with. You’re welcome 😉

You can listen to the cast in the player below or find us wherever you normally do your ‘casting.

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