DADUP Podcast: Episode 04- Get Off Your Apps & Get Moving

By March 15, 2020DADUP, Podcast

We recorded this podcast before the COVID-19 pandemic began truly affecting our nation. But the topic might have been the most appropriate. With most of our kids now spending time at home and not in school, you may have noticed that requests for screen time have gone up. We talk to Isaac who created a way for you “help” your kids get of their apps and get moving…

…or at least get a chore or two done. It’s a way to have remote control over how much access your kids have on their phones.

Plus, as always, we share our parenting highlights and lowlights from the past couple of weeks, drop some knowledge in our “Dadvice” segment, and give you a DADUP challenge. Oh, and it’s Todd’s turn for the DadJoke for you to annoy your kids with. You’re welcome 😉

You can listen to the cast in the player below or find us wherever you normally do your ‘casting.


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