D.A.D.U.P. Understanding – 02.10.19

By February 10, 2019DADUP

Think this ninja course is tough? Wait until she starts dealing with social media, body shaming, bullying… there are plenty of real life obstacles. To be there for her, you’re going to want her to know you UNDERSTAND¬†her. Look at the world through her eyes and then talk with her about the issues she’s facing. Become an UNDERSTANDING¬†and empathetic father and she’ll know she can come to you for guidance.

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(At each of our Daddy Daughter Time events, we hand out D.A.D.U.P. cards to all of the Dads. It’s a way to help remind them to remain intentional in their daughters’ lives. There are five main components of the program: Dependable. Approachable. Devoted. Understanding. Patient. After each event, we post the message that was handed out here on our blog.)

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