DDT Book Review: ‘You’ll Always Be Enough’

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Most involved Dads know what their kids’ favorite book is…it’s the one they want read to them over and over.

But when my daughter read “You’ll Always Be Enough” by herself and then insisted that she read it to me…I knew it must be a winner. She was right. Great book. (And I have to say I was impressed by how close she came to actually sounding out the word silhouette by herself.)

Teaching your daughter about positive self body image and showing her how to find her purpose can be tricky but author Laura Keuhl pens an inviting and subdued story that deals with those heady topics. Just as important, the whimsical illustrations by Piere d’Arterie complement the lyrical text. It’s an entertaining read that lends itself to a pattern and rhythm your daughter will enjoy.

After reading it for the second time, I asked Grace (who is 7 years old) what she thought. Here’s what she had to say.

“I liked everything about it,” she said. “At first the animals didn’t want to be what they were but then they saw that it was good.”

(Insert great opportunity to talk to your daughter about her own self image and point out her positive traits.)

“I really liked the last part because all of the stuffed animals in the little girls bed were the ones in the book,” she added. (Another opportunity to talk to her by using the stuffed animals in her room as characters.)

See? Entertaining and chock full of ways to open that line of communication with your girl(s). It gets better. 10% of net profits from the book’s sales go directly to organizations working with kids. It’s totally DDT recommended. Here’s a link for you to get a copy for your family.


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