108245476_-com-hanging-rubber-vampire-bat-halloween-toy-decorationIt’s been awhile since I’ve written and posted on this blog and the “blogger’s guilt” was compiling by the day. It got to the point where I was putting a lot of pressure on myself. “I’ve got to write something really compelling” or “It has to be super funny” where thoughts racing through my head.

I know, it’s silly. You’d think I write for the New York Times.

Then I remembered what I used to do. I used to host morning radio. I love audio.

Why should I beat myself over the head for something to write when all I have to do is talk to my 3 and half year old daughter about life and record it. That always delivers quality entertainment.

So, with my iPhone and audio software at the ready…I bring you a new series: G-Talk.

Grace loves to tell me how it is. Now you can hear her do it, too. 

The first episode is naturally about… Halloween. We were driving in the car and instead of giving her something cute and cuddly to play with, I gave her a rubber bat complete with menacing face and teeth. I swear this is the same toy my sister used to hang from our front porch each year for the holiday to scare the trick or treaters.

Here’s “the one about the bat”…

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