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 Daddy Daughter Time is proud to announce its partnership with Girls Can! Crate. We are all about giving Dads plenty of options when it comes to spending time with their daughters and this monthly service is an incredibly effective way to show your girl(s) examples of how women have helped shape the world.

And it is fun!

Grace and I got a kit to play around with and she loved it! One of our favorite activities were the story cubes game where we constructed and then rolled three large dice covered in pictures. We then imagined a story from beginning to end using whatever showed up on the dice. Good times!

Every month, subscribers receive a kit that showcases an example of a fearless female role model to help show your daughter that she can be and do anything! In the kit, you’ll find an Activity Book with two or three activities related to that month’s female role model’s field, some high quality props, and STEAM activities to help stimulate her sense of discovery. You’ll get the goods on role models including Marie Curie, Bessie Coleman, Irena Sendler, Florence Nightingale, Patsy Mink, Malala, and more.

You won’t find any makeup or glitter. These boxes don’t reinforce gender stereotypes…but rather blow them up. Young girls need to see what they can be and Girls Can! Crates do the trick. Here’s an excerpt from their website: 

“Did you know that when Bessie Coleman was told she couldn’t become a pilot in America, she taught herself French, sailed across the ocean, and became the first American to earn an International Pilot’s License? Or that Patsy Mink was rejected from 20 medical schools because she was female, so she became a congresswoman and wrote Title IX to end gender discrimination in educational programs? How amazing is that?!”

It’s that type of inspiration these kits can provide. You can order a month to month plan or save money by ordering a 3, 6, or 12 month plan.

IMPORTANT: If you decide to purchase these kits, you can also help out Daddy Daughter Time! When you check out at, enter the code DADDYDAUGHTERTIME (all one word) at checkout and they will donate $4 for each subscription to us. We’ll take that money and spend it on more events for you and your girls to attend. Win/win.

Please share this with any parent you know that may enjoy these types of monthly kits. We can’t say enough good things about them. 🙂



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