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“Cover your eyes, Daddy.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard my daughter tell me to do this. It seems as though everything (at age 8) simply must be a surprise. Whether it’s a completed craft, a cleaned room, or a new piece of clothing, it can’t just be seen. It must be revealed.

So when I wanted to send a note to her in the mail (she lives hours away with her mother), I knew I had to find just the right method. Enter: Inklings Paperie. They have the perfect way to “surprise” someone special with a little note. It works just like a scratch off ticket, except you get to personalize it.

Many parents use these as a fun way to send notes in their kids’ lunches as they send them off to school. And Inklings Paperie has a set designed for that with food icons and such. I decided to go for their basic chalkboard “Just For You” series that can be used for any occasion. There are plenty of choices so it isn’t hard to find just the right style.

I’m sending my first one off this week and am really excited. The package came in the mail yesterday and I could tell this company is just as concerned with that personal touch as I am. From the packaging to the notes themselves… it is all high quality. There are 24 cards and stickers in each kit so they’ll last awhile. If you’re doing lunch notes, that’s about an entire month’s worth. The cost for each kit is $16.

I decided to write a short love note and an encouraging Bible verse on my first card to let her know I was thinking of her. 

The best part? She won’t know what it says until it is revealed. It’s a surprise (and she won’t even have to cover her eyes.)

Do you want to try it? Inklings Paperie has graciously sent us a kit to give away. If you’d like to win, just enter the info below. We’ll draw a winner on September 20. Good luck!

Inklings Paperie Giveaway
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